The East African coastline is famed worldwide for the sandy white beaches and classic hotels and lodges which attract millions of visitors every year. A combination of the unique Swahili culture and mouth watering cuisine has made a coastal excursion the most relaxing part especially just before you wind up your safari.

The calm torquise waters of the Indian Ocean provide a cool breeze to blend in the tropical warm weather, giving a relaxing and cooling effect throughout the coastline. A nature lover will not miss the beautiful coral reefs that form spectacular walls along the coastline that are home to all types of sea life. Watching the skies break to a beautiful sunrise and later the sun sinking to give clear warm skies that still offer an opportunity for moonlight walks or a swim.

The Eastern Africa fun excursion can start in Kenya with a snorkelling and diving at the Wasini Island, an afternoon of bird watching at the lush coastal rainforests followed by a cultural tour through Mombasa old town, which can be capped by an evening at the beach. There is also a variety of game in the forests such as baboons, monkeys and the great African big cat, the leopard. The luxurious Diani Beach in the South Coast is home to some of the best resorts in the world offering carefully picked cuisine, top class accommodation and the best experience of the Swahili culture.

Tanzania and Zanzibar Island form the magical heartland of the East African beach experience. The unspoilt long coastline off Dar es Salaam city has offered a quiet serene environment for most travellers seeking a relaxed uncrowded environment. The Zanzibar and Pemba Islandsí location in the Indian Ocean has also ensured beautiful weather, expansive sandy beaches and coral reefs that every discerning traveller would not want to miss.