Where to visit
Kenya is East Africa’s favourite tourist destination and home to the world famous spectacular migration of the wildebeests from Kenya’s Maasai Mara national park to Tanzania’s Serengeti across the Mara River. Kenya enjoys a vast array of tour sites that include the beautiful coastal beaches, game parks and national reserves which include the Maasai Mara, Amboseli, Tsavo East and West, Meru National park, Samburu and Nakuru National park, the Lewa downs and Shaba. Other attractions include the snow-capped Mt Kenya, Aberdare ranges and the Rift Valley which is home to various rivers and lakes such as Lake Nakuru, Lake Naivasha, Elementaita and volcanic sites like Mt. Longonot.

When to visit
Kenya is located at the equator and therefore enjoys favourable weather throughout the year with a slight exception of the rainy seasons, which are experienced twice a year with long rains from April to June and short rains between October and early December. The best travelling season is during the warm months of December to March and July to October when the weather is quite warm and sometimes hot. During this time, animals and bird life are easily visible as they move closer to water bodies to quench their thirst while the birds fly around freely.

How to get there
While visiting Kenya, you can fly in directly to either of the two international airports at the capital city Nairobi and at the coastal town of Mombasa. The Etnica Safari experts will organise a pick up from the airport to your hotel and seamlessly assist you prepare for the start of your tour. Most of the tour sites are easily accessible by air and road over a network of local airports and airstrips but for the adventure traveller, the road trip is the tour of choice.

Where to stay
Depending on where you are visiting, you get to choose your accommodation from top hotels in the cities, lodges in the game reserves, tented camps and beach houses. Accommodation is organised according to budget and personal preference and of course the location of travel. In all this, our utmost consideration is our visitors’ comfort, security and adventure.