Safari is a Swahili word which refers to a journey. In the tour industry, it has been so commonly used especially in East Africa and has effectively become a brand name for the regions tourism industry. Today, ‘Safari’ connotes fun, adventure, excitement and total discovery. With a whole array of exotic destinations ranging from landscape, game, water bodies, cultures and forests to the relaxing beauty in the plains and beaches, East African has become a top destination in the world offering an excellent environment for a perfect holiday.

We offers conveniently packaged itineraries that meet your specific tour experience such as:

While we try to tailor the safaris to attract specific groups, we also make adjustments by either combining, omitting or even overhauling the whole package to meet our clients needs and interest. We make sure that whatever we have in store for you is suitably packaged to give you maximum adventure.

Safaris Itinerary: