East Africa is unforgettable! When you visit the game parks and reserves, you will not miss the big collection of flora and fauna that has made these parks home to some of the rare animals in the world. The animals include the Big Five - Elephant, Lion, Buffalo, Rhino and the largest cat, the Cheetah. Others are Birds, Giraffe, Gazelle, Crocodile, Chimpanzee, Zebras among others.

It is interesting to watch the animals’ feeding habits, how they behave in groups or even their reaction to human presence. Of all magnificent sights in East Africa, the most outstanding is the migration of the wildebeests from Kenya’s Maasai Mara National Park to Tanzania Serengeti.

The landscape is, simply put, spectacular. From rolling plains to ranging hills and on to the highest mountains in Africa, this region has a collection of rocks, forests, rivers, water falls and beautiful grasslands that leave visitors in wonder. The Weather is just perfect for the best sights that visitors catch on camera over and over again and still come back later to just relish the beauty.

The beaches in East Africa and the coastal old towns have also become a sight to behold especially for first time visitors. Coupled with cultural dances and welcoming attitude, you cannot miss the East African Safari.