Where to visit
Uganda has a quite untapped tourism industry yet it hosts some of Africa’s biggest and most unique attractions such as being host to half of the world’s mountain gorillas, chimpanzees and rare birds. Lack of oceanic beaches due to the land lock status has not in any way affected the other attractions such as the unique culture, landscape and pleasant tropical weather that have visitors seeking to visit the land. As part of the East African tour package, Uganda is an attraction on its own. Uganda is famous for the upholding of its culture and a proud population that is respectful, helpful and resourceful.

When to visit
Just like Kenya, the equatorial location has guaranteed an all-year favourable weather that is just right for fun and adventure. The cooler and sometimes rainy season starts in April upto July and later on between October and November. Hotter months are more exciting for the game traveller as animals tend to frequent the watering areas making them easily visible. This is also the best time for climbers or even to take a nature trail walk.

How to get there
While visiting Uganda you can fly in directly to Entebbe International Airport in Uganda’s capital of Kampala. The airports are supported by a network of local airports and airstrips as well as a vast road network which makes the tour sites easily accessible. Being a small country as compared to the regional neigbours, Uganda can make a shorter exciting tour, spending motre time in the locations.

Where to stay
Due to the growth in the tourism industry, local hotels and lodges have greatly improved their accommodation facilities and introduced a western touch in an African setting and blended the cultures seamlessly for the comfort of the clients. Depending on where you are visiting, you get to choose your accommodation from top hotels in the cities, lodges in the game reserves, tented camps and beach houses. Accommodation is organised according to budget and personal preference and of course the location of travel. In all this, our utmost consideration is our visitors’ comfort, security and adventure.