Where to visit
Zanzibar is an Island of the Republic of Tanzania and one of the most exclusive stops in the Indian Ocean. Commonly referred to as the Stone Town, Zanzibar has the original beauty of culture, landscape and architecture that traces its history to the early 19th century. The island is surrounded by several tiny islands and it is governed by a Sultan with a whole array of beautiful traditional palaces that makes it an exceptional tour destination. The white sandy beaches that run around the island have become a truly romantic attraction for tourists and locals alike, while the historic architecture of stone houses with hanging balconies are a site to relish. Apart from the Mombasa Old town, Zanzibar is the only town in East Africa that has retained its ancient culture and buildings.

How to get there
Zanzibar is located roughly 40kms off the East African Coast and is easily accessible from Mombasa or Dar es Salaam. You can take a short flight to Zanzibar International Airport or you can take the famous cruises across the Ocean which are available on prior arrangements. Such cruises offer a big part of the exciting itinerary and are preferred as compared to the short flights.

When to visit
Just like the rest of East Africa, the Island enjoys favourable weather as a result of its equatorial position making it an all year destination. The evenings are characterised by cool breezes as winds blow across the ocean bringing the sweet smells of spices and nuts that are most exhilarating for a relaxing tourist. The days are characterised by sunshine and warm weather that not only prepares you for adventure but also makes a beautiful view across the waters.

Where to Stay
Accommodation ranges from guest houses and camping sites to five star establishments that have perfected services with a taste of the local culture in both cuisine and facilities. The Swahili Arabs are very welcoming and accommodating making a stay among them a most comfortable experience.